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About Us

Hadara Virtual School is a Syrian Virtual School Licensed By The Syrian Ministry of Education

Hadara Virtual School is a Virtual School That Serves Students All Over The Middle East and The World, and Our Teaches is for all Educational Levels: The Basic Education Stage (The First & The Second Cycle) and The Secondary Education Stage (Literary - Scientific - Technical).

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Learn Anytime, Anywhere

Regular Certificates are Granted Accredited and Authenticated By The Syrian Ministry of Education and The Ministry of Foreign Affairs

For School Dropouts and Dropouts

It Provides Opportunities For Those Who Missed Out on The Opportunity To Learn. It Teaches The Category B Curriculum

Graduation Certificates

The Student Who Graduates From The First and Second Stages is Given Certificates Certified By The Syrian Ministry of Education

School Grade

From The First Grade of Primary School To The Third Grade of Secondary School, in its Scientific, Literary and Technical Branches

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Educational Content

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Discover Our Virtual School Services, Designed To Enhance Your Online Learning Experience. From Dedicated Educators To Cutting-Edge Resources, We Offer a Comprehensive Range of Support To Empower Your Academic Success in Our Virtual School Environment

Syrian Curriculum

It is Presented in an Interactive Manner and is Supported By Group Scientific Workshops That Contribute To Enriching The Knowledge and Experience of Learners and Help Them.

Authentic Education

Provide Our Students With an Authentic, World-Class Education and Equip Them With 21st Century Skills To Be Independent and Lifelong Learners, Keeping in Mind Our Principles and Values.

Enrichment Curriculum

It Preserves The Identity, Decent Morals, and Noble Educational Values Therefore, We Have Focused on The Arabic Language and Supported its Learning in Several Ways.


Our Knowledge-Rich Core Curriculum Enables Students To Learn Step-By-Step Gradually. With Our Teaching Staff is Distinguished and Has a Long History With The Hadara Educational Foundation.

Academic Sequence

It Allows Them To Move To and From Any Syrian Public or Private School With a Grade-Raising System Approved By The Syrian Ministry of Education.

Appropriate Atmosphere

It Provides an Opportunity For People To Study in an Atmosphere Suitable For Them of Their Choice, Which Leads To a Better Assimilation of Information.

School Goals

Nurturing Lifelong Learners Through Innovative Online Education and Fostering a Supportive Global Community

Our Vision and Mission

Connecting The Student To The Correct Educational Principles and Values of His Country and Through The Learner's Communication With Each Other and With Their Teachers and Through the Curricula of The Ministry of Education in The Syrian Arab Republic, With The Aim of Achieving Quality in Education and Then Enrolling in Higher Education, and All That is Provided at Reasonable Prices.

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What We Offer as Virtual School

We Provide Quality Education By Providing Knowledge, Skills, and Values Using The Latest Educational Methods and Games. Then, at The End of Each Transitional Grade, The Student Receives School Clearance, Which Qualifies Him To Join The Highest Grade in Our Virtual School or Any Traditional School.

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Explore Our Virtual School Pricing For Detailed Information on Tuition and Fee Structures. We are Committed To Providing Transparent and Affordable Options For Your Online Education Needs, Ensuring Access To Quality Learning

First To Six

$500 / Year

Seven To Eleven

$500 / Year


Our Virtual School Employs a Robust Learning Management System (LMS) and School Management System (SMS) To Optimize Your Education Journey. Our LMS Fosters Engaging and Interactive Learning, While Our SMS Streamlines Administrative Tasks, Ensuring a Seamless, Efficient Educational Experience Within Our Virtual School.

Learning Management System

Hadara Virtual School Provides The Ability To Control The Learning Management System

  • Efficient Content Delivery and Organization
  • Flexibility and Accessibility For Remote Learning
  • Assessment and Timely Feedback Opportunities
  • Enhanced Student Collaboration and Communication
  • Valuable Data Tracking and Analytics For Performance Improvement

School Management System

Hadara Virtual School Provides The Ability To Control The School Management System

  • Simplified Scheduling and Resource Allocation
  • Streamlined Administrative Tasks and Processes
  • Efficient Management of Student Records and Information
  • Data-Driven Decision-Making For Improved School Operations
  • Enhanced Communication Between School Staff, Students, and Parents

Frequently Asked Questions

Explore Our Virtual School FAQ To Find Answers To Commonly Asked Questions About Our Online Learning Platform. Get The Information You Need To Excel in Your Virtual Education Journey

1. Is There a Study Follow-Up System For Students?

All Lectures Are Recorded And The Student Can Repeat Them So That He Can Also Have Them. Our Teachers Are Ready To Answer Any Scientific Inquiry Through A Mobile Application For The School. In Addition To The Resources And Techniques Used Within The Lesson, They Remain Present In The System In Addition To Worksheets, Soundings, And Everything That The Educational Process Requires.

2. What Documents Are Required For Registration?

Copy Of The Passports Of The Father, Mother, And Student - Copy Of The Family Notebook, Including The Father's, Mother's, And Student's Pages - Personal Photo Of The Student - Study Sequence, If Any, And If It Does Not Exist, The Student Is Subject To A Free Distance Examination Or A Course That Qualifies Him To Enter The Study.

3. How Are Exams Given?

Submitting Exams Online For The Transitional Stages, While Exams For The Preparatory And Secondary Certificates Take Place In The Exam Centers Approved By The School And The Ministry Of Education

4. Does The Student Have The Right To Take The Nomination Exam For The Secondary Certificate?

Free Baccalaureate Students Who Have Obtained A Basic Education Certificate And Have Not Obtained School Clearance Or Academic Sequence In The Tenth And Eleventh Grades May Apply For The Candidacy Exam At The Access Centers Approved By The School And The Syrian Ministry Of Education

5. How Does The Student Succeed in Class B, and is He Entitled To Move To Class A?

Students of Category / B / Are Treated As Students Of Category / A / in Terms of Success and Failure And Everything Related To Students Within The Provisions of The Articles Of Procedure For The Basic Education Stage. The Student Of Category / B / Returns To Category / A / When His Academic Level is Commensurate With His Chronological Age With The Calculation Of Years Failure, If Any. Under No Circumstances is it Permissible For A Student From Category / A / Who Perseveres To Move To Category / B /. Illiterate Students Who Have Completed The Age of Eight Are Immediately Accepted As Students Of Category / B / In The First Level.

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Arnous Square, Badawi Building

Damascus, Syria

Open Hours

Sunday - Thursday

9:00AM - 05:00PM